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9th August 2022 
PETER WESSON Professional Profile. Jacket, white shirt 2017, 200 pxls

Peter Wesson: Professional Profile


The Calmest Place and The Calmest Place To Sleep

Modern Acupuncture and Homotoxicology (testing and treatment)
(See link for Bury Modern Acupuncture, below)

My earliest experience of working with people affected by emotional or psychological problems was as a volunteer in my teens, but my formal training in psychology and psychotherapy did not begin until much later, at Wolverhampton University. In the interim, I had made a career in business and industry, where I became a graduate member of the Institute of Export. I subsequently trained in eclectic psychotherapy at the National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, graduating in 1985. After qualifying, I quickly built up a busy practice in the West Midlands.

My post-graduate training included counselling for personal relationship problems (Relate Training, 1986), then Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Analytic Psychotherapy with Dr D.W. Ebrahim in 1986-87; treatments for problems ranging from anger management and resolution of unwanted behaviours to separation anxiety, traumas and post-traumatic stress (PTSD).

To these, I later added EMDR (eye-movement desensitisation and reprocessing) a well-established and widely recognised method for relieving anxiety, anger, guilt, grief and other painful emotions attached to traumatic memories or negative thinking, dreams and imaginings of past, present and future.

Over the years, I have worked to blend together these powerful but gentle therapies into a versatile combination, and to build myself a reputation for providing effective treatment for a wide range of problems, traumas and personal difficulties. My patients have included private individuals and couples, and referrals from companies, doctors, solicitors and medico-legal agencies.

In 1988, I opened a second psychotherapy practice in Bury, Lancashire, and continued with both until 1998 when I made the decision to close my West Midlands practice and move to Lancashire full-time. Since 1996 I had been working alongside practitioners of other therapies at the Complementary Health Clinic in Tenterden Street, Bury.

Until 2012, when I retired from full-time practice and moved from Tenterden Street, I was a Registered Trauma Therapist, and a Registered Psychotherapist with the UKCP and EAP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the European Association for Psychotherapy).


During those years, I had often noticed that problems brought to me were triggered or made worse by two main factors - anxiety and stress in its various forms, and loss of sleep, which in turn were intensified by worry and tension. It was also clear that I was seeing a minority of sufferers. For most people, it seemed, psychotherapy was either unaffordable or felt like too much of an intrusion into their privacy.

There was therefore a real need for an inexpensive and discreet, safe form of help, providing relief and support, accessible to anyone anywhere, at any time.

The Calmest Place & The Calmest Place to Sleep, spoken therapeutic recordings for relieving anxiety, insomnia, stress and all kinds of stress related problems, were based on 27 years of my own professional experience. Produced in the UK, they are available worldwide and can be downloaded for use whenever needed (but do not use while driving, please!).

Click (HERE) for

and (HERE) for HELP FOR YOU & The Insomnia-Stress Syndrome


Having noted from an early stage that some of my patients had medically unexplained symptoms and pain that did not seem to respond to the psychological treatments available to me, I trained in Auricular Acupuncture, qualifying in 1987. This is a well-researched style of therapy, giving proven results over a wide range, from tension and anxiety through to pain and physical problems, both with and without the use of needles. Alongside this, my training in Auriculotherapy incorporated Homotoxicology, specialised treatment for conditions such as allergies and food intolerances, that commonly present with a wide range of different symptoms.

Following advanced training with the Association of Auriculotherapy and the European Federation of Modern Acupuncture, I became the first Modern Acupuncturist in the UK to be registered by the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (MBRCP). In 2012, after moving from the Complementary Health Clinic in Tenterden Street, I set up Bury Modern Acupuncture on The Rock.

On 1st November 2017, Bury Modern Acupuncture moved to Heywood, still specialising in acupuncture without needles and testing and treatment of allergies and food intolerances, and a variety of other problems. Due to COVID, my practice has been restricted during the past two years, but anyone seeking relief from a variety of problems, from pain and discomfort to insomnia, stress and stress-related issues can telephone me on 07966 556659 to discuss totally safe treatments in the current situation.

Click (HERE) for Bury Modern Acupuncture


Currently, I am writing a training manual for professionals working with sufferers of post-traumatic stress and related problems. It is hoped that it will be of use to experienced practitioners as well as students in the field. The manual, based on many years of clinical experience, presents an eclectic protocol that uses EMDR combined synergistically with other tried and tested elements to produce a rapid and entirely painless resolution of emotional trauma and many associated problems.