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9th August 2022 
THE CALMEST PLACE - Guided Relief for Anxiety, Insomnia & Stress. Jacket, white shirt 2017, 200 pxls


  • Do you have fears and worries?

  • Are you feeling anxious, stressed, can't relax?

  • Do you lie awake at night, unable to get to sleep?

  • Experience true therapy with
    the calming voice of Peter Wesson

    Type "Peter Wesson iTunes" or "Peter Wesson Amazon" into the browser of your smartphone or tablet, and choose The Calmest Place (for feelings of Worry, Anxiety, Tension or Stress), or The Calmest Place To Sleep (for Insomnia) then download. Please be aware that these are 'closed-eye' treatments - do not use while driving.

    (Alternatively, go to iTunes or Amazon and key in "peter wesson the calmest place" or "peter wesson the calmest place to sleep.")

    Combining the power of guided imagery and self-affirmation to change the way we think and feel, together with the proven mental and physical health benefits of deep relaxation, The Calmest Place carries you into a calm and positive, unstressed state of mind.

    Its bedtime companion, The Calmest Place To Sleep, leads you into the same calm and positive state, continuing on towards deep and restful sleep.

    Whenever needed, at home or away, these special aids to restoring wellbeing offer gentle relief from persistent worry, feelings of anxiety and the pressures of a stressful life. (See below **)

    Listened to regularly, they provide a training in personal anxiety and stress management, helping to support mental and physical health and recovery; working to counteract the harmful effects of stress and restore normal healthy patterns of sleep.

    Spoken by Peter Wesson, produced and recorded in the UK, these comprise two versions of the same album length recording, each lasting approximately 26 minutes, that can be used individually or in combination as required.

    THE CALMEST PLACE takes you on a deeply relaxing, restorative journey to your 'calmest place', bringing you gently back again with restored calmness and positive energy.

    THE CALMEST PLACE TO SLEEP has been adapted for sufferers of insomnia, for use at bedtime or whenever sleep is desired, guiding you through the same supremely relaxing journey and on towards deep and restful slumber (users report falling asleep long before the end).

    Both versions can be downloaded for the same price
    as an ordinary album length recording.

    Please note: these are digital downloads, not CD's.

    THE CALMEST PLACE and THE CALMEST PLACE TO SLEEP are available from major sites and can be easily downloaded onto an iPhone or iPad, Kindle, or other tablet or smartphone, to be listened to later whenever needed. These are spoken voice recordings with restful background harmonics. On some sites, they are described as Songs.

    For easy access, just type "Peter Wesson iTunes" or "Peter Wesson Amazon" into your browser and download your choice.

    (Alternatively, go to iTunes or Amazon and key in "peter wesson the calmest place" or "peter wesson the calmest place to sleep".)

    ** Both versions incorporate tried and tested techniques for achieving deep relaxation and calmness (the natural prelude to mental harmony and peaceful sleep). For this reason, they should not be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery, or at times when alertness and full wakefulness are required.

    The Calmest Place and The Calmest Place To Sleep are designed to provide relief for mental/emotional discomfort as described, but are not intended to treat or cure any specific medical or psychiatric condition.

    Click (HERE) for Peter Wesson, professional profile and (HERE) for The Insomnia-Stress Syndrome.

    Written and spoken by Peter Wesson. Produced and recorded in the United Kingdom. International Copyright.

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